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Turning Points: A Nonviolence 
Curriculum for Women

Turning Points: Is a nonviolence group for women who have used violence in their intimate partner relationships or those who may be responding to violence in unhealthy ways. Turning Points focuses on helping women understand the connections between the violence they experience and the violence/aggression they use towards others.  

Turning Points: Women’s Non-violence Classes:
Classes are Wednesdays via Zoom from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Groups are 16 weeks in duration. There is no charge for group. Attendance and requirements for completion will be addressed directly during individual orientations.

For special circumstances women may make up a missed class individually with the facilitator by pre-arrangement. 

Three unexplained missed classes will result in a suspension letter being released to the attendee as well as probation and any other involved agencies.


Groups consist of up to 7 participants plus 1 facilitator. Each attendee will receive a workbook. There are general group rules.

Completion typically occurs when the participant has successfully attended all 16 groups/classes. 

A letter of completion will be released to the woman and her probation officer.

Women’s Nonviolence Class Enrollment Process for Nobles, Rock, Pipestone, Cottonwood, Jackson, and Murray counties. 

For More Information
Contact Cathy at (507) 376-4311 or email at


To Register

Complete the intake form and self-assessment form through the links below. You will receive an email from our Women’s Group program facilitator, Cathy Reitmeier ( This email will contain information in regards to the required Release of information form and the orientation process. We have a limited amount of space in groups so you may end up on a waiting list for group openings.

Once your release of information and online orientation has been completed you will either be assigned a group or put on a waiting list for the group’s availability.


Upon completing online orientation, SWCC Turning Points will consider you enrolled in the Women’s Non-Violence Program. 

Those who wish to join the group who are not required by probation or another agency, DO NOT have to complete the release of information.

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