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Advocacy Programs

 The Southwest Crisis Center provides a wide variety of support and information to victims and survivors of sexual assault in Cottonwood, Jackson, Nobles, Pipestone, and Rock Counties in Southwestern Minnesota. Our services are victim-centered, which means you will guide your own process, make your own decisions, and can count on us for information, support, and referral.

24 Hour SAFE Line


Youth Text Line


Available Services


We provide a safe, confidential place to talk and ask questions.

Safe Housing

We provide short term safe housing through hotels for those who are not safe at home; provide referrals and transportation to shelters. 

Transportation Assistance

We assist with transportation for qualifying clients.

Medical Advocacy

We support during emergency care or a sexual assault exam; advocacy with medical personnel.

Personal Advocacy

We provide emotional support, encouragement, and referrals.

Safety Planning

We help make a plan of action to be prepared in any situation.

Criminal Justice Advocacy 

We support before, during, and after court proceedings, with law enforcement, and with attorneys; assistance with reparations applications.

Safe at Home

We assist in filing an application for the Safe at Home confidential address program for those who fear for their safety.

Interpretive Services

We have in house bilingual staff, language line, and interpreters.

Civil Legal Advocacy

We help file an order for protection or a harassment restraining order.

Emergency Financial Support

We provide emergency funds for qualifying clients.

Call one of our offices to set up an appointment with an advocate today

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