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SWCC Youth Program

Southwest Crisis Center Youth Programs are committed to providing youth and their families, schools, and communities the opportunity to participate in many different events and activities that promote healthy lives, lifestyles, and futures.

24 Hour SAFE Line


Youth Text Line


Our Services for Youth


  • Providing a safe, confidential place to talk and ask questions

  • 24-hour text line for support & information

  • Personal Advocacy with:

    • Law Enforcement

    • Criminal Justice System

    • Medical and Legal Personnel

    • School Staff

    • Other Individuals & Organizations

  • Evidence-based empowerment/prevention groups and curriculum

  • Safety planning

  • Activity and event opportunities

  • Connection with therapeutic services

  • Resources for additional learning materials related to health, wellness, and life choices


Presentations for Youth

All of our presentations are offered free of charge and designed to be flexible on time depending on the length of your class or session. Our presentations are geared towards a classroom setting but can easily be adapted for civic organizations, clubs, and teams. Choose a topic from the slide below and contact us via the presentation request link. 


Additional Resources​

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