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Support & Empowerment Groups

We offer support groups to survivors wishing to understand and explore how violence has impacted their lives in a deeper, more meaningful way. The groups are not intended to replace therapy, rather, they are a place for survivors to connect with other survivors in a safe and supportive setting.

Adult Outdoor Support Group

Starting in May 2022, this support group will take place at various outdoor locations in southwest Minnesota. The goal of this support group is to boost mental health and healing through nature's most beautiful elements. 

Contact Cathy at 507-376-4311 or for more information or to arrange transportation. Pre-registration is required. 

Hands Up

Support Group w/Book

Atlas of the Heart: How to Do the Work! is a support group to help move from victim to survivor to THRIVER by understanding your emotions through artistic display.  This support group is held Wednesdays 10:00-11:30 am via zoom AND in person.  Contact or call 507-831-2244 for more information and registration. Pre-registration is required. 

Desert Road

Understanding Power and Control

This support group is made up of ten weekly sessions via zoom on
Thursdays 12:00-1:30 pm.  During this support group participants will discuss each section of the power and control wheel, which includes emotional abuse, isolation, minimizing/denying and blaming, using children, male privilege, economic abuse, coercion and threats, as well as intimidation. For more information, contact Tracee at or call 507-825-5688. Pre-registration is required.

Coffee on Table

Ladies Lunch

A perfect time for women to get together, have lunch, meet friends and build a support system. This group is held in Pipestone, MN.  Dates and times vary, contact Tracee at or 507-825-5688 for the upcoming get togethers times.

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