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Not a Number Curriculum Training

February 26-28


Southwest Crisis Center

320 S. Lake Street

Worthington, MN 56187

For more information about the curriculum, click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to attend every day of the training?

A: Attendance for the entirety of the training is required as part of the license agreement. License agreement will be sent prior to the training. 

Q: Who can sign the license agreement?

A: The license is held with the organization and should be signed by an authorized signer. 

Q: Can attendees train their staff now that they have been to the facilitator's training?

A: No, they may not train other staff or professionals to implement the curriculum and at no point should coworkers use the materials in their absence. 

Q: What is the break down of cost?

A: $50 for curriculum 

$60 for annual membership

$40 for training costs

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: Yes, each day lunch is provided as part of the training costs.

If you have more questions about the training itself, please contact Juli Fast at or call 507-376-4311. Thank you!

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